Fragments of Light

Released by Musea Records on September 22, 2003. This album consolidates the musical language of Kotebel and includes lyrics for the first time. All text is based on poems by Nathalye Engelke. The albums includes, as an addendum, a piano solo piece by Carlos Plaza titled "Children Suite". This album incorporates for the first time pieces written by César G. Forero. In this album Carlos Plaza experiments with different treatments of voice inflexion and features "Mirrors", a composition based in ABA + coda form, where theme B is the "mirror image" of theme A.

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Audio Fragments

1. Hades 16,40 Mb
2. Legal Identity 5,03 Mb 3:40
3. Quimerista I 3,53 Mb 3:40
4. Memory 10,50 Mb 7:42
5. Fire 20,40 Mb 14:52
6. Quimerista II 7,04 Mb 5:07
7. Mirrors 10,70 Mb 7:51
8. Fragments of Light 4,35 Mb 3:10
9. Quimerista III 3,23 Mb 2:21
10. Children Suite 16,40 Mb 11:57

Articles / Reviews


"Kotebel, which, in my honest opinion, is one of Spain's very best contemporary progressive outfits (along with Amarok), is back with the new album "Fragments of Light".


".....Most, if not all, of the contents of the third Kotebel album are linked with Classical Academic Music, and I salute multi-instrumentalist and composer Carlos Plaza and his band mates, guitarist Cesar Garcia and flutist Omar Acosta, for their ability to constantly transform the band's style. All three of the songs and two instrumental pieces: Legal Identity and Mirror (2 & 7) offer the listener a highly unique, outstandingly innovative and intriguing, dramatic, lushly-orchestrated Symphonic Art-Rock performed by dints of Classical Music, though of course, Hades and the album's title track contain also elements of Opera. Besides, each of the said tracks contains a few episodes of a pure Chamber Music, which, in its turn, is what Memory is about it in its entirety (at least instrumentally). The first and the third parts of El Quimerista (3, 6, & 9), composed by Garcia, represent an intricate guitar Art-Rock with elements of Symphonic Progressive, and part II consists of up-tempo, constantly developing interplay between passages and solos of classical guitar. This is one of the best acoustic guitar-based pieces ever composed and performed in the history of Progressive Rock."


"... I see I have to once again update my Top-20 for 2003, as Kotebel's "Fragments of Light" isn't a mere masterpiece. The music is so profound and impressive that most of the Titans of Prog would've been happy if they had created something like this after their heyday became part of the past."

Vitaly Menshikov – Progressor

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"....... The CD impresses right from the start with the suitably fiery opening of "Hades", a twelve-minute ensemble piece with scorching Latino guitar, flowing classical piano and swirling, dancing flute. Flautist Omar Acosta's contributions to this disc are quite superb, adding a mellow Camel-ish vibe here and a more dynamic style there, recalling some of the best Italian Prog of the 1970's. When he combines with guitarist Cesar Forero, the sparks really fly! Vocalist Carolina Prieto has a lovely operatic style, adding a refined touch to this already sophisticated music. This opening track is terrific, a fine example of symphonic progressive rock, choc full of flavours and creation/release of tension in the grand tradition of Yes and ELP." "...All in all, this is a highly intelligent, well thought out album and should interest many fans of complex symphonic rock. Kotebel appear to be intent on exploring and extending the boundaries of their chosen genre, and are definitely a band to watch out for."

Dave Sissons.

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"Fragments Of Light is the third release by Spain's Kotebel. To say that this disc is symphonic would be the understatement of the year. Truth is, this disc is SYMPHONIC!.... Kotebel deliver some of the most poignant and inspired symphonic music this reviewer has heard in many moons."

…"Fragments Of Light is a well crafted album which is sure to please fans who enjoy a heavy dose of modern symphonic music in their progressive rock diet. The musicianship is top-notch, making the musical journey very enjoyable."

Yves Dube – Sea of Tranquility

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