When this first album was released in January 2000, Kotebel was conceived as a studio project. Carlos Plaza had been devoted to writing classical chamber music for much of the 90's with hardly any contact with the progressive scene. The idea behind the album was to present different languages upon which the sound of Kotebel would grow and evolve. It is a keyboards based album, where Carlos takes care of bass and drumming as well. The drum set is hybrid - cymbals and hihat are real, and the remaining components are electronic. Features Omar Acosta on flute, Carlos Franco on percussion and a very young Adriana Plaza doing some minor percussion as well.

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Audio Fragments

1. Structures I 9,03 Mb 6:30
2. Structures II 7,86 Mb 5:39
3. Structures III 11,10 Mb 8:03
4. Structures IV 5,74 Mb 4:06
5. Structures V 15,60 Mb 11:17
6. Structures VI 9,80 Mb 7:03
7. Structures VII 9,28 Mb 6:41

Articles / Reviews

"Stylistically, the obvious point of comparison is to The Enid, although individual passages are evocative of Camel, Genesis, Anthony Phillips, PFM and a host of other classic 70's bands. Exactly how these foundational pieces will fit into Kotebel's ambitious (pretentious?) ongoing project remains to be seen, but that shouldn't stop prog fans from enjoying these seven pieces for what they are now - pure symphonic rock. Highly recommended."

James Chokey - Exposé (Magazine - USA)

"The musical constructions, the harmonic touches, the capacity of evocation, everything connects directly with that classical age, and in this sense we should say that this work has high quality compositions. The references to the most symphonic progressive rock are also present and it is possible to listen influences from Wakeman, Vangelis and The Enid, among others"

Jaume Pujol – progVisions (E-Zine – Spain)

"...Structures is a surprisingly taking record. This cd also has a distinct resonance to Quebecers : it strongly recalls the musical universe of the band Maneige. I found here the same pastoral moods (thanks to the superb flute), the same precision in the melodies. "Structure" 2, 3, 5 and 7 are breathtaking in that regard. You'll think your listening to Ni vent ni nouvelle; "Structure 5", clocking at 11 minutes and full of twists and turns, even reminds me of "Le Rafiot" on Maneige (their first lp). There is also something of the tender side of Steve Hackett in Kotebel (except for the guitar, of course). Structures reveals a very talented composer who is passionate for detailed melodies and has a great "progressive" sense." "....Strongly recommended."

François Couture – All Music Guide (Internet Music Portal)

"We received your record. Let me tell you that it is amazing. I could name many references that appear perfectly blended from an absolutely personal perspective in your sound (Anthony Phillips, Enid), but that would only minimise a prodigious album. This is pure sound architecture, were you can see the difference between an amateur and a professional musician."

Rafa Dorado – Chief Editor of margen Magazine (Spain)