Live at Prog-Résiste 2013

This concert was originally released as a digital download in 2014. This 2016 release is a Limited Edition that features a remastered version of the entire concert plus two bonus tracks from our concerts in the Gouveia Art Rock festival in 2007 and “Ritmo y Compás” in Madrid in 2011.

Bonus tracks:

Mercury Pentacle

This piece is part of the Pentacle Suite included in our “Omphalos album”. It is a rare recording that features Carolina Prieto when she was still in the band. It was part of our concert in the 2007 edition of the Gouveia Art Rock festival, in Portugal.

Excellent Meat

In 2011 we hosted our good friends the Italian band Neverdream for a concert in Madrid. Tinnitia, Jaime Pascual’s metal project, also performed. So this turned into a mini-festival that took place in an emblematic venue called “Ritmo y Compás” that was closed a couple of years after the concert. It is one of the most powerful performances of this piece, and luckily it was recorded in separate tracks, allowing us to include it as a bonus track.

This Limited Edition album is NOT available as a digital download.

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Audio fragments

1. Hades
2. Adagio Maestoso
3. Lento Cantabile
4. Vivo Scherzando
5. Allegro Moderato
6. The Flight of the Hippogriff part II
7. Satyrs
8. Simurgh
9. Amphisbaena
10. Bonus track 1 – Mercury Pentacle GAR 2007
11. Bonus track 2 – Excellent Meat Madrid 2011

Simurgh Live at Prog-Résiste. Video recorded by Gates of Lhasa, from the audience. The audio is unedited, taken directly from his camera. It was used as an ambience track during the mixing of the album.