Released in June 2006, this is the first album where Kotebel transforms from a personal studio project, to a full blown band. It is the only album featuring the 7 member band configuration that we had between 2004 and 2006. It also marked the appearance of three key members of the band: Jaime Pascual on bass, Carlos Franco on drums and percussion and Adriana Plaza on keyboards. All the lyrics were written by Nathalye Engelke. Kotebel continued to mature and to consolidate its musical languaje, integrating progressive rock with elements from classical music, jazz and World. Nominated in the categories of "Best Foreign Album" and "Best Art Work" in ProgAwards 2006.

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Audio Fragments

1. Ra 18,00 Mb
2. Excellent Meat 12,30 Mb 8:57
3. Pentacle Suite 41,40 Mb 30:08
4. MetroMnemo 5,86 Mb 4:16
5. Joropo 6,70 Mb 4:53
6. Omphalos 9,23 Mb 6:43

Articles / Reviews

“Editor’s Choice 2006”

Gibraltar Enciclopedia of Progressive Rock

"Omphalos is good prog, not bland, derivative stuff, but music that is well planned and well performed. The highlights for me are Carlos' compositions with lots of recurring themes and clever variations. I also think the vocals and the lyrics are quite good. The packaging is also nice. So, support this band. Get the album!"

Thomas Olsson – Musicologist at Lund University in Sweden and member of Isildurs Bane.

Thomas Olsson blog

"Omphalos is the fourth act of this band, and it opens with a long operatic track that is simply amazing. The vocal work of Carolina Prieto is exceptional and well seconded by the flute, piano and guitar appearances, along with an orchestral use of the keyboards. This track is undoubtedly a total winner, and transports this band to higher levels than ever before."...."If I had already been impressed by their 2003 release Fragments of Light, this new Omphalos just comes to better my high consideration for this Spanish band, and state them as one of the great contemporary prog rock bands when it comes to the most pure symphonic approach. A great band to listen to again or to finally discover."

Nuno – ProgNosis

Complete review

"This is an Event! My great enthusiasm about the work of Kotebel isn't ephemeral. In my honest opinion, this is the best Spanish band of all time, their success with Symphonic Progressive being unattainable for most of their contemporaries from all over the world working in that field. Besides, I'd like to paraphrase my own expression from the review of "The Fragments of Light": The music on "Omphalos" is so profound and impressive that any Titans of Prog would've been happy if they'd created something like this, after their heyday had become a thing of the past."

Vitaly Menshikov - Progressor

Complete review

"This CD is a very captivating musical adventure, Kotebel proves that 40 years after the birth of the progressive rock, bands are still able to make progressive rock in the true meaning of the word!"….

Eric Neuteboom - Prog Archives

Complete review

"The Spanish-Venezuelan band Kotebel has delivered quite a magnificent symphonic opus for the current times: 2006 is made a great year for prog music thanks to splendid works such as Kotebel's "Omphalos"…. …. this album has grown on me since listen one despite its complexity and challenging exquisiteness"… "Omphalos" is a masterful treasure not to be missing in any good progressive collection. Five stars – maximum rating.

César Inca – Prog Archives

Complete review