Released in April 2009, this album takes Kotebel a step beyond in its quest to integrate different musical styles creating an elaborate, yet accessible blend of avant-garde symphonic rock, with a wide range of influences from classical to jazz to world music. The album is instrumental, featuring its current configuration as a five piece ensamble comprised of 2 keyboards, guitars, bass and drums/percussion. This album was awarded "Best Foreign Record" in ProgAwards 2009.

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Audio Fragments

1. Amphisbaena 10,10 Mb 7:22
2. Ouroboros 22,00 Mb 16:03
3. Satyrs 10,10 Mb 7:21
4. Simurgh 17,90 Mb 13:04
5. Behemoth 10,40 Mb 7:35
6. Legal Identity 5,27 Mb 3:50
7. Misticae Visiones 22,40 Mb 16:22

Articles / Reviews

"This is one stellar disc of symphonic progressive rock!"…."To begin with let me just say I was really blown-away by this disc."…."Each of these compositions sounds like it's on the move with a different delicious musical motif around every corner. Overall, very symphonic with lots of keyboard orchestration, but then so much more." "Prepare to treat your ears because Ouroboros has much to offer. I think it's safe to say that Kotebel have a winner on their hands. I can't imagine a prog fan that wouldn't thoroughly enjoy this record. It has so much to offer lovers of almost any prog genre."

Jerry Lucky – The Progressive Rock Files

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"This is a masterwork – one of the most compelling 2009 releases that I have heard so far. Unlike most of the other modern art-rock and related bands, these Spaniards have been climbing the ladder (in terms of creation of course) all over their period of activity, paving their own special way to the golden throne of the genre. Very highly recommended!"

Vitaly Menshikov – Progressor

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"This is a glorious perpetuation of the sort of musical magnificence that we, Kotebel followers, have come to naturally expect from this excellent Spanish-Venezuelan ensemble - "Ouroboros" has to be one of the most outstanding symphonic prog releases in the year 2009, and why not, extensively in the new millennium."…" Indeed, this "Ouroboros" album is a total master opus for our current times' progressive rock scene worldwide. "…."I'm prepared to give this album a 5 star rating. "Ouroboros" is indispensable in any good symphonic prog collection."

César Inca – ProgArchives

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"This is an album which mixes rock, jazz and classical concepts in equal measure and takes several spins to really appreciate the intricacies of composition and the flavours of the music which only emerge gradually with repeated listens. At times delicate and at others dense or bombastic, the album draws on a wide range of influences without being beholden to any; a remarkable feat in itself. "

Richard Barnes – Sea of Tranquility

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"Well, from the very first moment, I was delighted about Ouroboros and I got more excited after every listening session. What an excellent blend of symphonic rock, jazz rock and a slight touch of avant-garde!"…"Ouroboros is a fantastic new album, even more impressive than their previous one. Check out their website to listen to excerpts of this exciting and captivating new album!"

Erik Neuteboom – Background Magazine

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"Kotebel have created a beast (the CD deals with mythological monsters, but no pun intended here) of an album, a thoroughly enjoyable, impressive collection of brilliantly crafted instrumentals."…"What does Ouroboros sound like? Imagine a melting pot where you throw some classic King Crimson, ELP, modern jazz and fusion, Zappaisms, contemporary classical music and even a nod to film soundtracks. It sounds epic and wide in scope when needed, but it can also be eccentric and experimental, and sometimes gets rocky and unpredictable."…" As you might've presumed from what I've said on my review, this is an essential purchase for any prog fan"

Hector Gómez – Dutch Progressive Rock Pages (DPRP)

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